Dallas Councilman Adam McGough aids Islam in attacking his opponent

The greed for power and money can lead to some unholy alliance. Dallas Councilman Adam McGough is distributing information from an Islamic Radicle mayor of Paterson. The NJ mayor has been stacking the government with Islamic leaders. Sirrano Keith Baldeo the opponent of Adam McGough in the Dallas election, has been calling out the radicle mayor for years. It was reported in court document the Radical mayor has defended the Jihad and everyone should respect Islam. Adam McGough allegedly got information from the Islamic mayor, that was created to falsely damage Baldeo’s Dallas election and began giving it to the public. The information is a complaint by a hired PI from the Islamic mayor, court records state. The complaint said Baldeo ‘defamed’ the PI and his family, but the pose in question is actually of Baldeo defending his family from the PI and the government of Paterson. The radical mayor did not do it himself but got McGough to do his dirty work for him, to defeat the Christian publisher in the Dallas election. If Baldeo wins the election is could mean trouble for the Radical Islamic Mayor Of Paterson, who had been trying for years to silence him from “exposing” him and stacking the government with Islamic leaders. Baldeo had a newspaper in NJ that had twice stopped the radical councilman from becoming mayor.

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