After a decade of publishing about corruption and incompetence in government, I Sirrano Keith Baldeo decided there is only one way to stop it, that is to take control of it. Help me in my quest to save Dallas. DONATE BELOW:

No, this in not a fancy site with nice political photos, posing with community members for the sake for getting elected or re-elected.
It’s plain and simple. I’ll do the job and I’ll do it affectively and efficiently! available 24/7 as I was running a newspaper. This is not an opportunity for me as it is for my opponent, It is a chance to finally open up government and make a difference. I’ll post my photos later but for now just hear me out.

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There Is So Much Corruption To Expose Concerning Your Money, I Can Put It All In A Card

You Can Have This Beautiful Yard Sign, Showing Your Willingness For Change


Hello Dallas, thank you for visiting the campaign page of Sirrano Keith Baldeo

This site in currently under construction and will highlight why Sirrano is the best candidate for Dallas District 10, to lead Dallas into a brighter, safer, better future.

Sirrano is a people person and you will have direct contact with him; his cell phone number is 2149007164 and his campaign email (preferred) unless your are seeking to be part of his campaign for now Is; If you like a leader who fights for others and goes out into the community not stay home and have other do the work, Sirrano is your best choice for Dallas City Councilman in District 10. You can also contact Sirrano at this news email address: Sirrano’s facebook is /Sirrano2021 or Sirrano Keith Baldeo – Dallas.


There is so much work to do, to get District 10 and Dallas safe, uncorrupted and clean

The following is a list of some of the actions Sirrano will focus on, as the District 10 Dallas City Councilman.
  1. Budget reduction, cutting corporate funding, welfare, tax abatement and capping change orders (repeated demands for more money after they bid on a contract.)
  2. Lowering taxes; councilmembers are afraid to take the risk of cutting costs and big budget items that favor the wealthy. Sirrano will take the bold action of cutting down the budget to save taxpayers from the massive $63 million shortfall in 2021 budget.
  3. Public Safety; Sirrano plans to introduce at least five ordinances to curb crime and collaborate with community groups, organizations and individuals to crack down on criminals in the community, including heavy fines and jail time for threatening informants. District 10 will no longer be a magnet for poverty and crime under Sirrano.
  4. Crack down on small crimes (under $750.) a criminal is a criminal and costs businesses and homeowners millions in loses. Laws were created to prevent and deter crime, this notion that you will not be charged for your crimes will encourage more crime in Dallas. Sirrano will enact new legislation to give municipal court judges the tools to prosecute these crimes the District Attorney is avoiding. 
  5. District 10 Office of Emergency Management: the office will be in the Dallas Police Department NE Division, it will be activated instantaneously when there is extreme weather damage, a major fire, flooding, a high spike in a specific crime in one or more area and other issues that affect District 10.
  6. Weekly video report; Sirrano will give a weekly report to discuss what is going on in City Hall that affects District 10 residents.
  7. District 10 Beautification: partner with the City’s Arts and Culture office and private entities, using public space to beautify District 10 and encourage a clean community.
  8. Transparency and access to government; no one will have to ask who the councilman in District 10 is, as a publisher Sirrano will use his experience to make himself known and available to the residents in District 10. He will be at his local office once or twice a month with city agencies, to answer questions and provide help. He responds to his social media page in an hour and his phone number will be made public for emergencies.
  9. Small Business Development: Sirrano’s administration with implement a detailed process and assistance in registering a business, training, guidance, and assistance though the city of Dallas office of small business.
  10. Doing business with Dallas: Sirrano’s administration will provide a complete guide on how to be a vendor and to apply for contracts and services with the city of Dallas, including the application process.
  11. Financial Aid to less fortunate communities; everyone deserves to have equal access to financial aid and opportunity in their community. Sirrano will see that the money coming to District 10 is distributed evenly across District 10 and not just affluent areas.
  12. Not For Profit: Sirrano will direct the city to provide information, guidance and assistance in “How To” create and apply for Not For Profit status for your organization.
  13. Homelessness and encampments: The laws are there but they are not being enforced. Sirrano will take actions that require the Dallas Police Department to follow the state law such as Penal Code Sec. 42.03 and other laws on the books to clear encampments, roadways, provide help and services though the city’s Homeless Solutions Office.
  14. District 10 International Festival: create a festival, and if possible, a parade to show the diversity and culture of District 10 so residents understand and appreciate other cultures living in their neighborhood though, music, food, dance, arts, services, businesses, heritage and everything that reflects the diversity of District 10. The festival/parade will be a three-day event (when safely allowed).
  15. Christian Heritage Month: Sirrano has already authored a Resolution and had it passed in NJ to designate September as Christian Heritage Month. He will introduce that Resolution here in Dallas — that in the month of September Christians are encouraged to help the less fortunate and to do good for others. They are also encouraged to create events and activities to celebrate their Christian Heritage in the United States and all of its history.
  16. Christmas Holiday Celebration Committee; Each year New York City boasts the largest Christmas tree and other cities boast the largest festivals. Sirrano will form this committee to partner with private affluent donors in Dallas, to sponsor and to compete with NYC and boast what Dallas is known for, “everything is bigger in Texas.” When elected Sirrano will lobby the private sector for a Christmas tree that rivals NYC and a festival to rival other cities at the City Hall location.
  17. Allowing churches to help the homeless: amend the zoning law that bans churches from helping the poor and homeless, if they can show they have housing space and a program to make them productive members of society, (by application and approval.)
  18. Dallas Media Correspondent Gala; The media in Dallas plays a big role in disseminating information to the public, that is why they should be honored with at a Gala such as at the White house, with businesses and city officials for their work in keeping the public informed. No cost to the city.
  19. Dallas City Employee Dinner, the city employees are the backbone of the government — that is why they and their families should be honored at a Gala for their hard work with the public. No cost to the city.
  20. Dallas Police Department honorary Gala: we don’t often hear positive stories about the police in the community. A Gala with the public, will highlight the risk officers take every day to keep us safe, from apprehending hardline criminals to serving the community. No cost to the city.
  21. Police and Fire cross training: Firefighters often encounter dangerous situations and are forced to wait for an officer. Sirrano’s administration will create the first of its kind cross training to put an officer/firefighter in each fire station.
  22. Dallas Business Recognition: Many business owners work hard to survive in Dallas especially during the pandemic. Their contribution keeps Dallas keep this city strong and they should be recognized for their investments and choosing to stay in Dallas. No cost to the city.
  23. Animal Cruelty, Rescue and Re-homing; Sirrrano will partner with all the organizations to combine them into one hub to provide assistance, protection, reporting, services such as vaccines, spay and neutering both domestic and strays. The laws for animal cruelty and abandonment will also be strengthened.
  24. Youth: seek funds for recreation and other programs for youth. Create a mentorship program and partner with others who have already developed their own mentorship programs to guide Dallas youth. Sirrano will provide his own program, teaching kids about wealth and wage workers and offer parents a choice to bring their kids to his Young Christian Development program.
  25. Kids Safety; Sirrano’s administration will work with schools and parents to teach kids how to stay safe online and how predators fake their identity to fool them. He will also use his office to make the public aware of human trafficking and what they can do to help prevent it.
  26. Domestic Violence: focus on prevention and assistance victims of domestic violence. The city will partner with private organizations and churches to manage anger and family disputes. The goal is to first keep families together or provide assistance to those who wish to leave.
  27. Building Permits: Sirrano will allocate funds from other sources, that serve little or no purpose in the Covid19 era, to more staff and training in speeding up the application and approval process for permits. Also, monitoring how fast city staff are getting out the current permits.
  28. Affordable wages: former president Donald Trump credits himself for; “people with less skills saw an increase in wages.” The reason for this is when states saw an increase in wealth under him they raised their minimum wages. It’s no secret Dallas is seeing a high increase in wealth and wages increase, if not outrageous, will complement Trumps business model on living wages. In my ordinance business who can show hardship can make an application to the city for an exemption and go to an even small increase.
  29. Racial, equality and inequality: as a minority Sirrano can lead the efforts to promote positive race relations. On November 13th 2020 Sirrano was a victim of racial profiling at his own home in Lake Highlands. Officers got a call from a White neighbor who though he did not belong there, it reflects the current councilman representation. As a minority councilman Sirrano will send a strong message of diversity. We are one community and accepting people for who they are, and not what the look like is a good starts. There is an invisible ‘Red Line’ that goes thought District 10, where money and services are not allocated evenly, this will change and it will help reduce crime.
  30. Rallies and Protest Grievances: Sirrano’s administration with join forces with the head of the Civilians Complaint Review Board, to have more dialogue, discussions and resolutions with Dallas residents before any and all protests and rallies.
  31. Paid Sick Leave: My ordinance will not be outrageous like the last one Dallas got sued for. It will reflect the same benefits as large companies and limit to close family members. People should not be punished for getting sick or having a sick close family member but they must also not take advantage of their employers.
  32. Bail reform and poverty. I will support the Texas governor that no one who cannot pay the bail for a petty crime should be held in jail.
  33. Dallas Green Projects: Having a sensible Green initiative is the future of Dallas, without job loss.
  34. Street racing; identify and curb this criminal activity by passing an ordinance charging those who videotape their crimes and post it on social media and other who videotape it and post it without first notifying the DPD about the crime.
  35. Rental assistance from evictions caused by covid19, provide information and support though the city and organizations to help those seeking protection from evection.
  36. Churches; community churches are an underused access to the government, their assistance and collaboration with the government can shoulder some of the weight and provide aid to the public where the government is financially unable to.
  37. Defunding The Police; I have signed the governors pledge to not defund the police. Cities that defund police, saw a huge spike in crime affecting the Black community. We want, no, we need cops but we need good cops, fully funded and given every tool to do their jobs, without interference from the city and citizens boards. The United States was built on securing its communities, now we must chose a leader to make sure those officers have the support of the council and community to keep its residents safe.

For over a decade Sirrano has been reporting on crime, corruption and lack of transparency in local governments as a publisher, getting involved in local communities and advocating for residents. He is excited to bring that experience to Dallas District 10. As you can see there are a lot of things to be done and he’s ready and willing to get to work.
You can volunteer and or support his campaign if you’re ready for change, by going to