Why This Election In District 10 Is So Important To Christians.

The Dallas Morning News wanted to know why I left NJ and came to Dallas with my wife. I told them, they never published it. Here is the true reason. I battled corruption for over a decade, to bring help and resourced to the people. However, nothing but the Gospel could have prepared me for this. I did not seek it, it sort me. No man could go though what I fought without having God on his side. Beyond the pettiness, childishness and failures of the current councilman in Dallas D10, is an election that would expose both cities and ultimate defend the faith.
Just listen to what and who is behind it and why my election to the Dallas City Council is so important.

You Have No Idea How Important This Election Is On: Crime, Corruption and Your Taxes

I have been fighting these tyrants for over a decade, took everything they threw at me and now it all comes down to this Dallas election. No one really knows how importing this election is, until you see the damage done. I have told you so, stop Adam McGough from doing nothing but holding a seat, I know how to make work. Not for myself, I profit in Christ, but for you and this city. Paterson NJ failed to listen, they vote “because they know them’ and are now paying the price, don’t do the same. Make the change.

Yes, Adam McGough bans the church and supports abortion

This question came to me yesterday from a voter, my response; if you agree he can use his taxpayers salary to pay for the aborting of children, he’s your guy, if not I’m your guy. If you agree with him keeping the zoning law to ban the church from feeding, sheltering and helping the poor, he’s your guy, if not, I’m your guy.

Sirrano Has A History For Fighting The Government To Help The People. The One They Won’t Tell You About

For over a decade Sirrano (as a publisher) has been called by the public because they had no where else to go. They Knew Sirrano would take the call for help and then take it to the government. The government’s refusal to listen is why Sirrano is looking to take control so he can bring direct help to the people; from business, to residents, even an officers who was unfairly fired. You can continue with the same weak, absent official or you can have someone who’s always there to help, take action and can make a difference. Though they tried to silence Sirrano, he kept on fighting for people just like you.